English comprehension passages with questions and answers for class 6

Chapter wise assignments are being given by teachers to students to make them understand the chapter concepts. Its extremely critical for all CBSE students to practice all assignments which will help them in gaining better marks in examinations. All assignments available for free download on the website are developed by the best teachers having many years of teaching experience in CBSE schools all over the country.

Students, teachers and parents are advised to download the CBSE study material. Important updates relating to your studies which will help you to keep yourself updated with latest happenings in school level education. Keep yourself updated with all latest news and also read articles from teachers which will help you to improve your studies, increase motivation level and promote faster learning.

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Some of the schools in Noida have decided to shut for 3 Days because father of two students in Noida was traced to be infected with the contagious Coronavirus. The internal exams have also been cancelled in those schools after the virus alarm.

english comprehension passages with questions and answers for class 6

A 45 year old male who is CBSE board exams are just around the corner. Students of CBSE class 10th and class 12th are preparing hard to appear in the CBSE board examinationthey are looking for last-minute tips and tricks to get good score in the board exam. However, during examination, Due to the increased tension in some parts of Delhi, Delhi government has decided to postpone the CBSE boards exams for class 10 and class 12 in North East Delhi schools only.

The dates on which the exams will be scheduled again has not been notified by CBSE till now As per the official statement the Board will not conduct Please see CBSE notice below. The deferred exams include two in English Literature for standard X.

Reading Skills Comprehension Test Exercises (Class-VII)

There are in total 86 affected centres in Scroll down for PDF English. CBSE Class 6 English - Passage 1 Chapter wise assignments are being given by teachers to students to make them understand the chapter concepts.

Read the passage carefully and answer the questions : On the bank of a river, there was a tall and sturdy oak tree. Near that oak tree, some reeds had grown on the ground. The reeds were weak and slender. Whereas the oak tree looked huge and stout. The tree was very much proud of his size and strength. He often ridiculed the weak reeds.

I can resist the powerful wind without bowing down before it. But you reeds are so week that you can not even sustain the soft breeze and start trembling with fear. I think that you should also sometimes bow down in front of the powerful wind. I am not a reed who bows down to all and everyone. It blew so hard that the tall and sturdy oak tree was uprooted and thrown on the ground. However, the weak and slender reeds survived because they bowed to save themselves from the strong wind blow.

It shows that how humility always wins. You are the secretary of the Sports Club of your school. Now prepare a notice to be put on the school notice board for the selection of the students for the upcoming Inter School Cricket Match.Opera refers to a dramatic art form, originating in Europe, in which the emotional content is conveyed to the audience as much through music, both vocal and instrumental, as it is through the lyrics. By contrast, in musical theater an actor's dramatic performance is primary, and the music plays a lesser role.

The drama in opera is presented using the primary elements of theater such as scenery, costumes, and acting. However, the words of the opera, or libretto, are sung rather than spoken. The singers are accompanied by a musical ensemble ranging from a small instrumental ensemble to a full symphonic orchestra. Dolphins are regarded as the friendliest creatures in the sea and stories of them helping drowning sailors have been common since Roman times.

The more we learn about dolphins, the more we realize that their society is more complex than people previously imagined. They look after other dolphins when they are ill, care for pregnant mothers and protect the weakest in the community, as we do. Some scientists have suggested that dolphins have a language but it is much more probable that they communicate with each other without needing words. Could any of these mammals be more intelligent than man? Certainly the most common argument in favor of man's superiority over them that we can kill them more easily than they can kill us is the least satisfactory.

On the contrary, the more we discover about these remarkable creatures, the less we appear superior when we destroy them. Naval architects never claim that a ship is unsinkable, but the sinking of the passenger-and-car ferry Estonia in the Baltic surely should have never have happened. It was well designed and carefully maintained. It carried the proper number of lifeboats. It had been thoroughly inspected the day of its fatal voyage. Yet hours later, the Estonia rolled over and sank in a cold, stormy night.

It went down so quickly that most of those on board, caught in their dark, flooding cabins, had no chance to save themselves: Of those who managed to scramble overboard, only survived. The rest died of hypothermia before the rescuers could pluck them from the cold sea.

The final death toll amounted to souls. However, there were an unpleasant number of questions about why the Estonia sank and why so many survivors were men in the prime of life, while most of the dead were women, children and the elderly. Erosion of America's farmland by wind and water has been a problem since settlers first put the prairies and grasslands under the plow in the nineteenth century. By the s, more than million acres of farmland were damaged by erosion. After 40 years of conservation efforts, soil erosion has accelerated due to new demands placed on the land by heavy crop production.

In the years ahead, soil erosion and the pollution problems it causes are likely to replace petroleum scarcity as the nation's most critical natural resource problem. Click Here. Short Reading Comprehension Passages. Short Reading Comprehension Passages - ESL Reading Articles : Practice your reading skill and improve your English, learn new vocabulary and broaden your general knowledge via our specifically chosen interesting topics below.

The answers will appear in the box at the bottom of the page when you click on "Submit Test". Also See: Beginners reading worksheet all readings articels. Print exercises and lessons: Hint: For exercises, you can reveal the answers first "Submit Worksheet" and print the page to have the exercise and the answers.Preschool Kindergarten 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th. Comprehension Quick Links: Picture Comprehension. The Secret Garden: Reading Comprehension. Explore "The Secret Garden" with this reading comprehension worksheet.

Reading Comprehension: The Serpent and the Eagle. Strengthen your students' reading comprehension skills with the fable, The Serpent and the Eagle.

English Comprehension Passages with Questions and Answers

Main Idea of a Story Worksheet. This main idea worksheet guides your child through reading comprehension practice. Download today to get started! The Ocean.

Put the Story Sequence in Order. Story sequencing will allow third graders to improve their reading comprehension by putting the sequence of events in the correct order.

Reading for Comprehension: Cause and Effect. This cause and effect worksheet opens your child up to improved critical thinking abilities.

Use this cause and effect worksheet to focus on story structure. The Ant and the Grasshopper. The Ant and the Grasshopper is a fable that teaches kids the value of hard work. Kids will focus on comprehension and predictions in this worksheet. Reading Comprehension: Pinocchio. This exercise will strengthen your students' reading comprehension. My Reading Checklist. Help your kindergarten students practice good reading habits by using this handy reading checklist.

Cause and Effect for Kids. Build comprehension skills with this reading page on cause and effect for kids.

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Comparing Two Stories. Use this resource for your students to practice reading and comparing the story elements of two fiction texts. The Fox and the Crow. Stories are a fantastic way to teach kids important life lessons. Text Dependent Questions for Independent Reading. Text dependent questions are reading comprehension questions that can only be answered by referring to the text.

Students have to read the text closely and use inferential thinking to determine the answer. Use this list of text dependent questions for you. The Starfish.

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This ocean-themed worksheet helps students with their reading comprehension skills as they figure out the order in which the story goes.In case you want to be notified about school in your locality then please register here. Prose and poetry both are forms of language where ideas are directed towards the audience, but the only difference is the mode of doing so.

Once when the world was young and the Carabao and the Egret had a quarrel. They spoke many angry words to each other, but their quarrel was not settled. At last Carabao said, "Let us settle our differences through a contest.

Let us go down to the river and drink its water, each as much as he can. The winners will make the other his slave. Coconut is the most important nut in the world. Not only it is one of the biggest of all nuts but almost all parts of the tree are useful to the man. It is an elegant palm tree growing up to a height of hundred feet. The flesh of the green coconut is used as a vegetable, the milk inside the young nut as a fresh drink. Rope matting and brooms are made from the outside layers which protect the nuts.

Are you a Parent or Student? Are you a Teacher? Are you a School Supplier? Alert: You are not allowed to copy content or view source. Was this article Helpful? Prose They are simple straightforward writings without any decoration.

They are in the form of sentences, grouped as paragraphs. They don't have any kind of special eye-catching quality but just words to bind the reader. They may or may not be in the form of sentences and are grouped as stanzas.

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They have intensive use of figures of speech and many more rhythmic decorations. The prose is plaintexts with no or less decoration. Poetry is a rhythmic collection of words with much decoration.

Who were the two parties in the quarrel? What did they say to each other? How did Carabao decide to settle the dispute? What will the winner do? Give the opposite of 'winner'. Which is the most important nut in the world? What is the height of an average coconut tree? Which part of the coconut is used as a vegetable? What is made from the outside layers of the coconut?Oh, those loveable 6th graders!

What would middle school be like with out them? Here are all of my reading worksheets that were written at the 6th grade level. I used this fantastic site to determine the readability scores of these worksheets, but you should read and approve them yourself before giving them to your students.

Readability scores are not perfect and there are many different algorithms to determine readability scores. I use an average of these scores, but they can vary wildly. For these reasons, I encourage you to open up the reading levels two grade levels in each direction. This will give you a good selection of texts that are appropriate for a 6th grade student to read. Honey Badgers Nonfiction Reading Test - Despite their sweet sounding name, honey badgers are known for their relentless fighting spirit.

Learn more about these interesting creatures and answer multiple-choice and extended-response questions with this activity. View my readibility scores. Koko Nonfiction Reading Test - Language is often thought of as something that separates people from animals, but what if you could teach language to primates? How would that change the way that we understand language and animals?

english comprehension passages with questions and answers for class 6

That was precisely what Dr. Penny Patterson set out to prove when she began teaching sing language to a gorilla named Koko. Learn more about the ups and downs of this experiment in this short reading passage. Then answer multiple-choice and long-response questions.

This is more great practice for standardized tests. Google Nonfiction Reading Test - Few companies have such an impact on our lives that they affect our language. Google is one of those companies. Learn more about my favorite company while reinforcing your reading skills with multiple-choice and long-response questions. Trampolines Nonfiction Reading Test - People have been having fun, and getting hurt, on trampolines for decades now. Learn more about the hidden threat lurking in millions of backyards around the world and answer some thoughtful and demanding multiple-choice and long-response questions.

This is a great activity to get your test scores to jump high. Mongooses Nonfiction Reading Test - Mongooses were first brought to Hawaii to kill rats that were ruining sugar cane crops. It didn't exactly work out that way. Find out what happened in this reading passage, and answer multiple-choice and long-response questions to bulk up your reading skills. Frank Baum - One can end up in some uncomfortable places when one succumbs to peer pressure, or so this story would teach us.

Your students will enjoy this short story by the man who brought us "The Wizard of Oz. Frank Baum Ereading Worksheet.

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This story is easy to read, easy to understand, and easy to enjoy. Fortunately, this one is not such a text. Studying this story is a great way to lead into a discussion on the reliability of the narrator, as Poe's narrator is rather unreliable in this text. Henry - This story is probably O.

Henry's best known work. It is the classic tale of a young couple who sacrifice their greatest treasures for one another and in the process prove that love is the greatest gift of all. Henry Ereading Worksheet.

english comprehension passages with questions and answers for class 6

A young man overcomes all odds to become the greatest hunter in his village. Henry - The classic tale of two bumbling kidnappers who find themselves at the mercy of their hostage. This story is a great way to introduce the notion of irony to your class.The reading comprehension passages below include sixth grade appropriate reading passages and related questions.

Each worksheet also includes a cross-curricular focus on earth science, physical science, history, social sciences, or life sciences.

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This allows students to build their reading comprehension skills and reinforce knowledge in other subject areas. Each of the passages measure between Lexile level ranges - Be sure to check out all of our reading comprehension worksheets. This worksheet explores the types of extreme weather with a short reading comprehension exercise.

Your student will learn about Galileo and analyze the text in this reading comprehension worksheet. Your student will learn about how organisms adapt to their environment and then write the main idea and supporting details. This reading comprehension worksheet asks your student to read and analyze conservation techniques for natural resources. Your student will discover the US national symbols and what they stand for in this reading comprehension worksheet.

This worksheet on self reflection teaches a valuable lesson as well as developing reading comprehension skills. The taiga ecosystem is the focus of this worksheet, which includes a reading comprehension exercise. Your student can practice identifying the central idea and supporting points in this reading comprehension worksheet. Your student will read and analyze the text in this worksheet about transportation to the American West. Your student will answer some word meaning questions in this reading comprehension worksheet on waves and currents.

Your student will learn about weather forecasting and answer a reading comprehension question in this worksheet. This worksheet on tribal government includes a writing exercise for reading comprehension.Obesity among school children - Comprehension Worksheet.

Obesity among school children has become a major cause of concern. Liberalization and globalization have brought a radical change in the lifestyle of the people. More and more school children have developed a craze for chocolates and Colas. The results have been quite disastrous. Obesity among school children is on the rise and so are the diseases related to it. Oils and extra fats harm our liver. They increase flesh and weight.

Fresh home-cooked food is anytime better. Our food should contain more coarse cereals, green and leafy vegetables. Fruit, pulses, milk, eggs and curd must be necessary parts of our food.

Green salads have fibrous material. It is good for our health and digestive system. School children should develop good eating habits. Hot dogs, burgers and pizzas will only cause obesity among them. They should have fresh and home cooked food. It has more nutritious value but less calories and fats. Multiple-Choice Question:. Fill in the blanks:. Answer key:. Green Salads. Home Cooked. Fast food. Junk foods have very less nutritive value.

english comprehension passages with questions and answers for class 6

Fibres are good for our muscular system. The number of obese school children is decreasing. Home cooked food is very oily.